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Backyard Birding

New Zealand Bird’s backyard
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Backyard birding

Our association with birds has a long and respectable history, with birds woven into the myths, folklore, literature and religion of every tribe of man. Even in this modern life our connection with birds continues as so many of us enjoy the company of birds in our backyards, putting out food for them in the winter and planting our gardens for their benefit. Keep your backyard for the birds. Make it a pests free backyard. You can choose from a variety of professional pest control companies.

The experiences we have with birds may encompass a wide variety of habitats for birds, with homes not only tucked away in bush settings but bordering or encompassing coastal and estuarine environments, as well as city and town blocks. Find great deals on flights to Auckland, where you can enjoy a variety of birdwatching tours.

Join the New Zealand Backyard Birding News Group

This news group provides an opportunity to share experiences and to learn from each other. We can all post pictures, too.

It’s easy to join, just select this Yahoo button.

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The button will take you to a page with instructions on joining the group.

Before joining you will need a Yahoo ID. If you do not already have one look for the side bar saying “Don’t have a Yahoo ID, Sign UP”.

It’s not as complicated as it looks from here. Once you get to the Yahoo page it really is fairly easy.

Good luck! Look forward to reading your postings.

Information for this page was provided and written by Narena Olliver;   [email protected]
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